'Dance Moms' Season 7B Spoilers: Junior Elite Members Left ALDC To Join Chloe Lukasiak On 8 Count DA; Brynn Stays With The Minis

Reports about the ALDC team boycotting the "Dance Moms" season 7B filming seem more legit now as most of the Junior Elite members have been spotted rehearsing with Chloe Lukasiak. Photos of the five young dancers were taken at the 8 Count Dance Academy which was shared on social media by Christi Lukaiak and Kira Girard. Brynn, on the other hand, was seen with the Minis at the ALDC studio.
Things are heating up in "Dance Moms" as the Junior Elite team seems to have taken Abby Lee Miller's return negatively. Previously, rumors surfaced about the ALDC members ditching the Devotion 2 Dance competition as a sign of their retaliation against Abby's return. Both camps did not confirm the issue and only hinted on the boiling feud on social media, but they might have just confirmed it now with the divided team posting photos of their fresh beginnings with their new groups.

Following this, it seems that fans will have to see the former ALDC group go head to head at the Fierce National Dance Competition which will be held on March 26. Both camps are reportedly busy at rehearsing for the competition and photos from their practices were posted by the members on Twitter and Instagram.

"Dance Moms" Minis captain, Lilliana Ketchman posted a photo of her so-called "new crew" on her Instagram account. She posed beside her fellow Minis members, Elliana Elliana Walmsley and Maesi Caes as well as their newly acquired mate, Brynn Rumfallo. This then makes the original dancers of Abby Lee Miller Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker, and Kendall Vertes as well as the newcomer Camryn Bridges boarding on the opposite team.

Kira Girard again took to Twitter to show Abby Lee Miller and Lifetime on how serious she was with her past statement that they will follow kicked out choreographers Laurie-Anne Gibson and Meagan Nugent out the door of ALDC. She did not place any caption on her post this time, but it is clear that the Junior Elites are having a reunion with Chloe Lukasiak at 8 Count. Christi Lukasiak also posted another set of photos on Instagram showing the girls having fun at the studio.

Chloe returned on "Dance Moms" during the finale of season 7 part 1. She then expressed her desire of competing again but chose to stay with Murrieta Dance Project (MDP). In fact, the team won in the group category at the Sheer Talent competition in her lead while the ALDC failed to register due to Abby Lee Miller's return.

It is now unclear whether the Junior Elites and their moms are gone for good or might run back to Abby Lee Miller again. The Minis and Brynn, on the other hand, have to perfect their routine during the Nationals as they are set to compete against the veterans. The interesting showdown between the originally solid team of ALDC is expected to go down during the "Dance Moms" season 7B finale. With only the Minis left at Abby's yard, will "Dance Moms" still have the chance to air more seasons as promised by Lifetime?

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