Ferrari 812 Superfast vs McLaren 720: Which Supercar Rules?

The magnificent Ferrari 812 Superfast and the fantastic McLaren720 reign among the most significant of the 900 vehicles featured this week at the 87th Geneva Motor Show. These two cars surprised car enthusiasts both with their eye-catching super cool looks, and their sweet specs that promise nothing but to stun you with their power and speed.

Ferrari created one of the leading cars in the supercar category, followed by McLaren 720S that is the first-ever second generation car from the respected brand. Both dazzle at the show and stun journalists and onlookers. Out of these dual delights, you can't help but wonder which supercar actually rules on and off the track.

The newly released Ferrari 812 Superfast is an updated version of the ultimate grand tourer F12 Berlinetta. With enhanced track performance that ensures comfort on strenuous trips, this car has the speed, power, and roar of a race car. Dubbed as the “the most powerful and fastest” in Ferrari history, one of the great features of this car is the 6.5-liter V-12 that has a 790 horsepower and 530-pound torque, the Auto World News reported.

On the other hand, McLaren’s 720S sports car was undeniably the more stunning of the two as it caused a pedestrian traffic jam at its unveiling. Journalists and industry workers crowded the supercar to take pictures and videos of the sleek, bright-orange speedster. It boasts of its famous eye-catching dihedral doors which open upward but stay close enough to the vehicle to enable parking in tight spots.

In terms of power, the car’s 720-horsepower engine pushes it to 100 kph (62 mph) in only 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 341 kph (212 mph). Weighing only 1,283 kg (2,828 pounds) unfueled thanks to a carbon-fiber chassis, this glorious vehicle comes at race-car speed with a clean but luxurious two-seat interior in leather and machined aluminum, per Live Mint.

In comparison, the Ferrari car weighs heavily, yet it still remains to be one of the fastest cars on the market, hitting 62 mph in a matter of 2.9 seconds. Both cars can make your jaws drop but attendees and car enthusiasts of the show seem to favor the Ferrari car over McLaren's. However, one thing is sure, both cars are iconic and one of a kind.

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