Mass Effect Andromeda Guide To Pursuing A Romance

Mass Effect Andromeda presents players with a wide array of personalities just waiting to be wooed. Here is how to start flirting with these characters, which might eventually lead to something more intimate down the road.

Wooing That Special Someone In Mass Effect Andromeda

Unlike the previous games in the franchise, Andromeda marks flirty dialogue options with a big heart, as per PC Gamer. Even so, the romance mechanic is not as transparent as it seems since there are multiple conditions before actually establishing a proper relationship. Players can opt to flirt with everyone during the early hours of the game since it seems like it will not hurt their chances with other characters.

Meanwhile, there actually seems to be a standard structure on how relationships work in the game. First off, the protagonist is introduced to the romanceable character, which gives them the opportunity to make a good first impression. Following this, players can continue flirting with the character after story missions in order to get closer with them.

Furthermore, each squadmate has a personal mission wherein they will want to keep bonding with the protagonist afterward. Finally, that character will invite the player to meet somewhere and this gives them the chance to finally establish a proper relationship. However, keep in mind that not all relationships work out this way as some characters still have their personal schedules.

The Romanceable Characters In The Game

RPG Site reports that Scott can romance Peebee, Vetra and Cora from the firesquad and Gil from the Tempest crew. On the other hand, he can also court Reyes Vidal, Keri, Avela who are not part of the main unit. Incidentally, Sara can romance Jaal, Vetra, Peebee and Liam. Moreover, she can also woo Reyes Vidal, Keri and Suvi.

Players should not find courting too hard as most characters will respond positively to the heart-shaped mood icon. As long as players remain loyal, there is a good chance that the character will be open to going steady with the protagonist. Fans can play Mass Effect Andromeda on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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