Nintendo Switch's Left Joy-Con Desync Issue Fixed With Conductive Foam

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest gaming console right now since it was released back on March 3. Even with its popularity, the device had its fair share of criticisms and issues, like the limited stocks available on its initial release, the lack of games to choose from, connectivity problems, and more.

The Conductive Foam

As with connectivity problems, the "left Joy-Con desync issue" that many Switch owners reported just recently is now fixable. Apparently, Nintendo has found a fix for it and the process in getting the Switch repaired by the company's customer service was fast and efficient.

According to CNET, a man had his Joy-Con fixed for free by Nintendo after experiencing some wireless issues and confirming it via a customer support service. But before agreeing to send the controller for repair, the man took a photograph of the inside.

On the day the device was shipped back, the man opened the device to see what has changed which he later found that a piece of conductive foam that's been specially treated with nickel, copper or both so that it can shield electronics from RF interference. Furthermore, the foam seems to be sitting directly on top of the Joy-Cons antenna traces, too. The owner even tried removing the foam which of course led to the controller stop working properly.

The $50 Joy-Con On Amazon

In addition to calling customer service, the man also bought a brand new $50 controller on Amazon. On this controller, it works without any issues at all. However, there are two differences that were spotted on the inside.

The first difference reveals the absence of a conductive foam. The second difference is that the Joy-Con sold at Amazon had different codes on the top center of the circuit board "O-4" and "16342," while the repaired controller had "Q-1" and "16402."

With that being said, it's now speculated that Nintendo may have already modified the manufacturing process of the Joy-Cons. Meaning, the controllers sold at Amazon don't have the desync issue.

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