2017 Honda Clarity: Peculiar Yet Extraordinaory Automobile Of The Future

The Honda Clarity is a car whose time has arrived. It uses a fuel that has so far not been seen in most other cars before. Toyota has so far the Mirai, and now the 2017 Honda Clarity uses a hydrogen-electric engine. The 2017 Honda Clarity is the future's car that is out now.

The Honda Clarity began life as the FCX Clarity a few years ago to test the possibility of a hydrogen-electric hybrid. It is a step towards the use of a much cleaner type of fuel for the environment. The result is a five-passenger sedan that uses a hydrogen fuel cell.

The Clarity is a sedan that would look at home on today's roads. Usually, cars that use alternative fuel would look like a strange concept car that would be more for testing than one that consumers would go for. The Clarity instead has been designed to be practical, though not exactly looking elegant either.

Three versions of the Honda Clarity are planned. The most distinctive one is the hydrogen-electric hybrid. Another one would be an all-electric car and the last would be a plug-in electric. The hydrogen-electric hybrid would be where attention would be focused as it introduces a new type of fuel for automobiles.

To run the car, the hydrogen fuel cell charges the battery. The battery, in turn, would provide power to the electric motor. Unlike hybrid cars today, the Clarity does not use fossil fuel in any way, according to Digital Trends.

The fuel cell is formally called the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMC). It combines atmospheric hydrogen together with hydrogen, after which they pass through a special membrane, per The New York Daily News. The system has enough power to give out 174 hp.

The Honda Clarity won't be produced in large volumes, though. It isn't exactly for sale, either. Instead, it would be available on a lease-only program. That means having to lease the car for 36 months. That would have an initial $2,848 as a down payment and then a lease of $369 per month. The program would first be available in California.

The Honda Clarity is a car that runs on a new type of alternative fuel. Its wide use won't likely come soon, as there is still a need to have more stations that would accommodate hydrogen. As it is now, the 2017 Clarity is a future car that is out now. Ford has an improved version of its Pedestrian Detection System coming to select vehicles soon.

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