F1 Changes Rules To Make Race Sexier And Faster

Formula 1 in 2017 will see a big shake-up as the sport makes changes in its rules and regulations. This is to address fans who have long been complaining that the race has become too predictable in recent years as Mercedes has claimed the constructors' championship for the past three years. The new season begins this weekend at Australian Grand Prix with the biggest change in the regulations for nearly a decade to reset the sport and widen the appeal to fans.

Aside from fan complaints, there has also been an obvious advancement of race car technology. This has made the racing machines faster and more powerful, even with a talentless driver. In short, the pinnacle of motorsport had become too easy for the drivers, and the cars too easy to drive.

Veterans of F1 have also been caught grumbling that modern drivers just do not have it as hard as they did back in the day. They add that most drivers just show up to smile for the cameras and let the fantastical cars do all the work for them, the ABC reports. So what exciting rules and regulations changes can fans expect this new season?

Interestingly, the first notable change is to bring back old-school look to F1 cars. The new regulations require the rear wing lowered by 150mm and widened by 200mm to bring the car more into line with the challengers seen pre-2009. The cars are also required to be heavier, with max weight now 722kg instead of 702kg without the tires, the Daily Mail reported.

The modification will give more downforce and grip, making cars speedier, a few seconds per lap faster even if they may now also be a little more difficult to drive. As a consequence, drivers physical limits can now be tested even further. With cars now cornering faster, the increased g-forces will affect drivers inside the cockpit, making them work harder for the money.

Finally, F1 engineers will be improving the aerodynamics of the cars, which means more "dirty air" behind the cars. Anyone chasing could have trouble getting close enough to overtake. Deviation from the classic look gives vehicles more beastly and impressive than last season.

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