Volvo's EV vs Tesla Model 3 vs Chevrolet's Bolt EV: Battle Of The Mighty EVs

Following after Chevrolet's debut of their new Bolt EV, it has undeniably made a big splash, earning numerous accolades and awards and praises for their pure electric vehicle and its impressive range, driving dynamics, styling, not to mention the all-new interior volume. Now, the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 which is expected to be launched by 2017-end or early 2018, Tesla, on the other hand, has allegedly promised a minimum range of 215 miles per charge and its charging times, which also happens to be the first "cheap" car to be launched by Tesla, quite tempting isn't it? That said, with the coming of Volvo's EV, expected in 2019, the competition gets tougher as experts have revealed that it could rival other EVs that are already in the market.

Battle Of The Mighty EVs
Despite the Bolt's value ranging from $37,495 and offering a range of 238 miles, many U.S. buyers still don't seem to be completely sold on the idea of purchasing a car that runs solely on batteries. Ultimately, like any other brands, Volvo is already in the process of expediting in order to introduce more plug-in hybrids and EVs to meet strict emissions regulations and, of course, appeal to potential buyers that are currently on the hunt for luxury alternative energy vehicles.

Volvo, which has already been well-known in producing a number of hybrid vehicles, is finally entering the fully electric car market. According to Car And Driver, Volvo's yet unnamed EV model could turn out to be a formidable rival to other electric cars given its specifications and competitive pricing. The company reveals that it has the ability to offer a range of 250 miles or more and will be priced between $35,000 and $40,000 (before tax incentives).

Meanwhile, as per Digital Trends, part of what makes the Bolt so impressive is how quickly Chevy introduced an EV with well over 200 miles of range, at a price of $36,000. As of the press time, it was found that those specs are unmatched in the marketplace, but with Tesla working on their entry-level Model 3, experts say the Bolt's uniqueness may be short-lived. In addition, despite Volvo's luxury bent, a sticker price of up to $40,000, which could easily overshadow Chevy's Bolt EV sales when the model goes on sale in 2019, Tesla has already planned to have its Model 3 out before then, but still, with the first vehicle deliveries expected to be higher-priced examples, car enthusiasts claim that the "$35K Model 3" may not actually ship until around the same time as Volvo's creation.


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