NASA Shows Star Trek Into Darkness To ISS Astronauts

While those of us on Earth are eagerly waiting to watch Star Trek Into Darkness, NASA is allowing those in space to get a sneak preview.

The screening preceded a Google+ Hangout between Star Trek Into Darkness director J. J. Abrams, cast members from the film and NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy. The Hangout took place on Thursday May 16 at 12 p.m. EDT.

"Cassidy will provide insights about life aboard the station," NASA officials wrote in a statement. "Crews conduct a variety of science experiments and perform station maintenance during their six-month stay on the outpost. Their life in weightlessness requires different approaches to everyday activities such as eating, sleeping and exercising."

Members of the Star Trek Into Darkness cast partaking in the Google+ Hangout include Chris Pine (Captain Kirk), John Cho (Sulu) and Alice Eve (Dr. Carol Marcus).

Movies have been sent to astronauts aboard the International Space Station before. The astronauts were treated to the first Star Trek film in the current series back in 2009 prior to its official release. They also saw 2005's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Three crew members aboard the International Space Station just returned to Earth after a five month stay aboard the spacecraft, including commander Chris Hadfield. Hadfield took a number of great photos aboard the International Space Station, along with videos.

In addition to the NASA event, the National Air and Space Museum will be hosting a webcast with four expert panelists discussing the relevance of Star Trek in the modern world.

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