‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: Finally, Felicity Smoak Becomes A Masked Hero; Oliver Colluding With Criminals?

The latest "Arrow" Season 5 spoilers reveal that Felicity Smoak will finally wear a mask and probably a cape too as she becomes the latest CW hero. After years of operating on the sidelines and giving Oliver Queen the spotlight, it appears that she will be given the limelight as well. However, it appears that this will happen not on Queen's show, but on another one.

Felicity Is Wearing A Mask And A Costume

Some "Arrow" Season 5 spoilers indicate that it will be on the set of "Legends of Tomorrow," apparently in another crossover episode. The rumors are further substantiated by the latest teaser from Marc Guggenheim posted on his Twitter account. His post showed Felicity wearing a mask and a hero costume. It seems that the costume was designed by Maya Mani and the figure was drawn by Andy Poon.

It May Be On The "Legends Of Tomorrow"

Some fans may like this change and some may not. For sure, there will be a lot of reactions if Felicity is transformed into another vigilante. However, there are "Arrow" Season 5 spoilers that suggest Felicity turning into a hero might be what the "Legends of Tomorrow" need in retrieving the Spear of Destiny which they failed to do.

Oliver Turns To A Gang Of Criminals For Help

Meanwhile, in "Arrow" episode 17, fans were left wondering if Oliver will give up his vigilante ways or not. Whatever he decides, Oliver knows that Prometheus must be stopped. The latest "Arrow" Season 5 spoilers for the upcoming episode reveal that Oliver will ask the help of a criminal group to bring this villain to justice.

He will seek the help of Bratvia, his former brotherhood in Russia, to defeat Prometheus, However, it is not clear if this will be approved by his team, if they even still exist. Some "Arrow" Season 5 spoilers suggest that Felicity will be busy with her own problems in relation to Helix. The title of episode 18 is "Disbanded" and it will air on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on CW.

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