Samsung Offers 3-Month Refund For Galaxy S8, Is Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco Relive?

Samsung seems to be quite confident about the Galaxy S8. Apparently, rumors suggest that the tech giant is offering the upcoming flagship device with a 3-month refund policy.

According to Tech Buffalo, a report out of South Korea claimed that early adopters who will return their handset before the 3-month period will get a full refund without any questions asked. In addition, it's also unclear whether this offer will be made available in South Korea only or everywhere else.

Though this may sound like really good news for potential customers, which puts them on the advantage, there are too many aspects of the deal that needs to be discussed in more detail. One good example is the "get a refund without any questions" statement which makes people ask what if the owner accidentally damages the device or deliberately damages it to test out its durability or something and decides to return it before the time limit, will the offer still stand? Another puzzling thought could be, is the return policy only applicable to the store where the customer bought the device or is it applicable to any retail store? Because not everyone would choose to buy online.

Furthermore, if this claim is indeed true, is Samsung that confident that there will be no issues at all, thanks to the necessary steps and preparation that were done in order to make sure the Galaxy S8 will deliver what it's intended to be? Or is the company hinting for what could be a Galaxy Note 7 fiasco repeat?

Sadly, there are no solid answers to this yet, only expectations, speculations, and rumors. However, despite all of these questions, the Galaxy S8 does seem pretty promising, especially on how powerful, fast, amazing and beautiful it's painted out to be in the reports, like how it's expected to bring a gorgeous new design complete with a larger display panel, packed with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset, a next-generation virtual assistant called Bixby, and features like an iris scanner and a super slow-motion video. Whatever it may be, people will have the answers soon once they get their hands on the device and test it for themselves on how it actually performs.

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