Overwatch Update: Jeff Kaplan Teases Another Fun Feature For Custom Games

The addition of server browsers in Overwatch brought in a lot of new possibilities in the game. However, it seems like Blizzard will be adding more features as game director Jeff Kaplan teased a possible new mechanic.

Overwatch Custom Games Getting New Feature?

Custom games have introduced a lot of quirky features to the game like super speedy characters, extremely short cooldowns and fast ultimate charges. However, one thing still remains untouched which is the physics of the game. Although, it seems like Blizzard has some plans to change this.

According to PVP Live, Kaplan replied to a thread on the game's official forums regarding the possibility of a low-gravity game. "Sounds like fun," he replied rather slyly while placing a winky face at the end. In line with this, previously teased features similar to this have made their way into the game, one way or another.

This would be another welcome feature to the server browsers, as it would introduce even more quirky elements to the game. The server browsers were created for players to experiment and create their own unique matches, to begin with.

Map Editor Coming In The Future

That aside, Polygon reports that Blizzard will even be introducing a map editor to the game. Kaplan noted that they are very open to the idea of releasing the said feature for the first-person shooter. Blizzard has been extremely open to user-made content and the addition of the server browsers proves it.

In spite of this, the editor is more of a long-term goal and will not be making its way to games soon. The game director stated that it will be a "very long road" before they release the mechanic in public. Even so, this is a good confirmation that Blizzard still has a lot of things in store for Overwatch.

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