iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Features: New Camera And Wallet Rumored

The way you pay your phone bill could see some big changes on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S, along with some possible new camera features.

Apple filed a new patent that was uncovered this week known as “Payment options based on location”.

There would be a new “always connected” e-wallet that registers the user’s different credit cards. You will get an alert when you need a refill.

Predictive chips will be embedded into the hardware that allows the application to work.

The iPhone will rely on NFC chips that connect with NFC terminals.

Analysts say that the new feature will make it onto both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S.

The camera features a patent called the “Illumination system”. It is a sort of social camera system that will allow for better photos to be taken.

According to the patent, three iPhones will work together to create better quality photos in surroundings that normally would not allow the phone to take a good picture. One phone shoots while the other two provide more lighting.

That means that selfies are about to get a lot more difficult. 

This new feature will apparently give instructions to the users behind the lighting on where to position their phone for the best possible quality photos. Your family vacation just got turned into a movie set. 

The phones would likely connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, making it possible for them to sense each other and calculate the best possible positioning. Assuming three people in any given situation are willing to contort themselves for a single photo. 

Apple is rumored to be eyeing a September release for the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 may not hit shelves until much later. Rumored to be a phablet, the device may very well take over a year to hit with some predicting a June 2014 release.

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