‘One Piece’ Chapter 861 Spoilers: Big Mom’s Assassination Will Have A Big Problem With Dogtooth Around; What Will Luffy And Bege Do?

Fans will be intrigued by the latest "One Piece" Chapter 861 spoilers because they indicate that the assassination plan of Luffy and Bege against Big Mom will encounter a big problem. It seems Dogtooth will be present at the wedding. There are leaks which say he might get wind of the plan to kill her mom and might do something to prevent it.

Bege Knows About Dogtooth's Haki Ability

His presence, therefore, will be a big stumbling block to Luffy and Bege. They have already set everything in motion for the big explosion and just waiting for the right time to light the switch. According to the recent "One Piece" Chapter 861 spoilers Bege will be more worried than Luffy. He knows that Dogtooth has a well-trained Haki ability which enables him to see what will happen for a short time into the future.

Their plan of assassinating the Yonkou is dependent on the element of surprise. But how can Luffy and Bege use their surprise tactic if Dogtooth is there who might be able to see what they are planning to do? Therefore some "One Piece" Chapter 861 spoilers indicate that there will be a lot of complications for the Straw Hat Pirates that will happen in this upcoming installment.

What If Dogtooth Sees The Immediate Future?

There are even some "One Piece" Chapter 861 spoilers that suggest Luffy and Bege will only have a five-second window to execute their assassination plot against Big Mom. Certainly, Dogtooth can see this short-time future, and may thwart the Pirate's plan of killing his mother. Will Bege be able to devise an alternate plan to counter-act this Haki power of Dogtooth?

In the previous chapter, Jinbe was featured as risking his life so that Luffy can succeed in his plan. Jinbe is a just and moral character in the manga series. He also warned his men to escape during the assassination melee. Some "One Piece" Chapter 861 spoilers also reveal that there will be another character who will be featured. He might be Crocodile who was featured in the last chapter holding out an umbrella to protect a puppy from the pouring rain.

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