Antonio Banderas Reveals He Suffered Heart Attack In January

Antonio Banderas says he is in good health after suffering a heart attack two months ago.

The 56-year-old actor told Spanish journalists that "I suffered a heart attack last Jan. 26, but it wasn't that serious and hasn't caused any damage at all." At the time, he brushed it off as a heart "episode" and said he was unconfined after being hospitalized for observation.

Successful Medical Procedure

Banderas reveals that he underwent a heart surgery to introduce three stents in his arteries, adding that "it hasn't been as dramatic as some have written." His visit to a Swiss clinic had led to assumptions about his health issues.

In January, the actor told The Sun that he was exercising at his home in Surrey, England, when he experienced "unbearable" chest pains and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital by an ambulance accompanied by his Dutch girlfriend, Nicole Kemple, an investment banker.

Banderas Upcoming Movies Are Still On Schedule

The actor is currently filming "Life Itself," a movie about the lives of people from New York to Spain, and how their paths have crossed through generations. It stars an A-list cast, including Samuel L. Jackson, Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde and Mandy Patinkin.

In response to the rumblings, Banderas took to Facebook to clarify that he was doing just fine. "It seems like some of our media individuals suffered a Heart Press Attack," he quotes, denoting to the name for celebrity gossip media publisher in Spanish.

Banderas Maintains Routine Check-up

Banderas, who moved to Britain in 2015, flashed further concern when it emerged that he traveled to a Medical Centre in Geneva as part of a routine check-up. He praised all the doctors and first aid medics who helped him and said he had suffered an "event" without going into any detail.

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