‘Big Little Lies' Episode 6 Spoilers: Jane Thinks Her Rapist Could Be A Nice Guy

"Big Little Lies" Episode 6 came with a big surprise. For some, it was shocking. This article contains spoilers about the episode. Anyone, who prefers to watch it before knowing about any details, should skip this right now.

In the episode, Jane has a talk with Madeline. She talks about going to San Luis Obispo to face her rapist. However, she does not tell Madeline that she carried a gun with her. Both of them talk about the possibility of the rapist being still on the loose. He might be targeting other women and sexually assaulting them.

Interestingly, Jane has this enormous urge to see the bright side of every man. In "Big Little Lies" Episode 6 called "Burning Love," Jane says that the man who raped her might have done it by mistake. The rape might have happened out of the person's character, indicating that the man might be a good human being in general. She believes that her rapist could be a "nice guy" who just had a momentary slip. Now, she is ready to give her rapist the benefit of doubt, Vox reported.

Jane's change of attitude has a lot to do with Ziggy. Jane believes that her rapist is none other than Ziggy's father. And, that's where she is doubtful. She refuses to believe that a sweet boy like Ziggy could have a horrible father. Apparently, Jane desperately wants her rapist to be a good human being.

"Big Little Lies" Episode 6 seems much different from all the previous episodes. It started like a glossy public school drama, with affluent women doing mean things. Gradually, it has transformed to be an intense drama. Before the finale, this episode prepares the viewers to get back to the start again. The finale will probably reveal the murderer.

According to Vulture, Nicole Kidman plays a wealthy woman named Celeste Wright in the show. She is also the executive producer of the HBO adaptation of Liane Moriarty's best-selling novel. "Big Little Lies" also stars Nicole's friend Reese Witherspoon.

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