Adele May Never Tour Again: Reason Why Touring Is Off The Table

After releasing her album titled "21" in 2011, Adele died out from the limelight for quite a few years. She had a baby and got married. Then she came back in 2015 with an album called "25" followed by over a hundred days of touring in about 25 countries, and recently won a Grammy.

She may have sold millions of albums and filled concert hall all around the world, but Adele says she may never tour again.

End Of Touring For Adele

The British singer told fans at a concert in Auckland that she was not good at touring - and even acknowledged she feels "vulnerable" on stage, according to the New Zealand Herald. "I don't know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I've toured is you. I'm not sure if touring is my bag," she added.

Her performance "Down Under" was the final gig of her epic 15-month world tour. She will hit next stage in London for four sold-out concerts at Wembley Stadium from June 28 to July 2 which have been labeled as "The Finale".

Could It Be A Stage Fright?

In her early days, though she no longer "fires vomits" or try to avoid "stage," she really feels pressure and nervous. For the record, she's on tour because she wanted to see fans who have been supporting her since. Adele allegedly burst into tears as she story-tell her last tour as "the greatest achievement in her career" - and said it changed her life, as she "spent two hours in hair and make-up," she joked.

The Grammy award-winning artist will surely be able to keep herself busy if she chooses to leave her touring days left behind. However, she didn't mention of giving up touring for good, doing albums as well as TV guesting's.

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