Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC Teaser Hints At Emotional Narrative

With Episode Gladio finally released, fans have gotten their first sneak peek at the Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC. The short clip showcases a vulnerable Prompto that seems to hint at an emotionally impactful story.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC Teaser Revealed

YouTuber Zanar Aesthetics has uploaded that one-minute teaser clip for the next character episode downloadable content (DLC). It begins with Prompto walking through a snow-filled area as he makes his way to someone lying on the floor. Unfortunately, the teaser does not show whoever it is as the camera instantly pans to a crying Prompto.

He is then seen hesitantly pointing the gun towards the person's direction before ultimately making the shot. The screen then fades to black before displaying the DLC's logo and its launch window on June 2017. Judging from the short teaser, it seems like the character has his own demons to fight that will most likely take place before the events of the infamous Chapter 13.

New Update Fixes Chapter 13 And More

In line with this, Square Enix has launched two patches, 1.06 and 1.07, along with the full list of additions and fixes, as per Express. For 1.06, Square Enix has added the chapter 13 fix, which includes Verse 2 wherein players will take control of Gladiolus and discover some missing pieces in the plot. Moreover, the Arcana spells in Noctis's ring have also gotten a major buff.

The company also included the winning snapshots from the photo contest, which fans view in Takka's Pit Stop down in Hammerhead. That aside, it is also worth noting that updated saves will no longer work with the previous versions of the game. The current timed quest has also been suspended and will resume at a later date.

Fans can pick up Episode Gladio now, which introduces some new mechanics while fleshing out the character's backstory. For now, fans will have to wait for further news regarding the Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC.

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