‘Code Geass' Akito The Exiled: Release Date Confirmed, Funimation Announces Lead Voice Actors

Right after Funimation Entertainment announced the release of “My Hero Academia”, the massive entertainment company followed it up with vital information about “Code Geass: Akito The Exiled”. Fans were delighted when they heard the news but this is just the beginning.

‘Code Geass: Akito The Exiled’ Preview

For those who aren’t familiar with “Code Geass”, it is a Japanese Anime TV series which focuses on a super power known as “Geass” that was obtained by the former Prince of Britannia Lelouch Lamperouge. The ousted Prince will then spearhead the battle against the mighty forces of Holy Britannian Empire. However, Lamperouge will have a hard time dealing with the Empire while trying to master his unholy power.

There are plenty of reasons why “Code Geass” is very popular in Japan. The creators and producers of the show were able to jive alternative timelines and doing it effortlessly in the process. “Code Geass” world is divided into three superpowers. First the Americas or also known as the Holy Britannian Empire, The Euro-Universe, and the Chinese Federation. Among the three superpowers, Holy Britannian Empire has the upper hand due to their immovable force and tactical manipulation.

Cast And Characters

As announced by Funimation, “Code Geass: Akito The Exiled” will be released on June 27th. Also, they’ve announced the lead voice dub actors for their specific roles. Suzaku and C.C will make their much-anticipated return in playing Yuri Lowenthal and Kate Higgins respectively. Furthermore, there are at least 5 recurring characters that will be a big help to Lowenthal. Micah Solusod is a character not to be played with. Born in Area 11, Micah has no time with foolishness and her being mysterious make her scarier.

Leila Malcal, a fierce commander who wants the war to end soon. Malcal is a fighter from the Euro-Universe but has a different approach when it comes to battle. Shin Hyuga is probably the most powerful character in the story. Hyuga is also the grand master or the leader of Order Of Saint Michaels.

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