‘One Piece' Spoilers: Big Mom's Powerhouse Allies; Will They Ruin The Assassination Plot?

The latest chapter of “One Piece” has revealed the start of the wedding as guests flow into the reception. The chapter introduced important guests that are deemed to be Big Mom’s alliances.

Big Mom’s Powerhouse Allies

The Whole Cake Island Arc continues on “One Piece” manga as the wedding kicks off with the arrival of the last set of guests. The Big Bird look-a-like, “Big News” Morgans, is the president of the World Economic Journal and he has control over all news outlets as well as information. The pretty Stussy is known as the Queen of the Entertainment District and she is one of the emperors of the Underworld. Giberson, also known as The Concealer, holds control over warehouses.

Another emperor of the Underworld is old man Drug Peclo, who is also known as the Major Undertaker and he wields a scythe. The gracious Du Feld is known as the God of Fortune and he has a conglomerate that enables him to have control over black markets, hence earning him the title, Black Market King. Lastly, Umit, who is also known as the Deep Ocean Current, is a tycoon when it comes to shipping and he is quite grumpy compared to the other emperors, who have shown their lighter sides.

Will These Allies Have Bigger Roles?

Big Mom clearly has powerful allies that include her strong commanders and of course the formidable guests that were introduced. However, with Luffy and Capone Bege planning to crash the wedding to save Sanji and to kill Big Mom, fans are curious as to what these emperors of the Underworld will do. They are most likely acting as allies to get on the good side of Big Mom because Big Mom is one of the powerful Yonkos in the world and being attached to her would give enough influence for them to go on.

Fans are expecting the assassination plot to fail and hell is let loose, which will then determine the parties that will either side with Big Mom or go against her. However, given the circumstances, the emperors will only act depending on the situation, whether or not Big Mom is on the losing side. Though they may be heralded as allies, they may also still be people who may harbor ill feelings toward Big Mom.

There is also the possibility that the emperors of Underworld would rather protect themselves and their businesses than side with Big Mom if things go downhill for the Charlottes. It should also be noted that Big Mom doesn’t care much about their welfare since she just killed one of them, who was Jigra the Organ Dealer, one of the invited guests who was suspected of attempting to kill Big Mom. If Luffy and Bege’s plans do not push through, the emperors may either save them or put them instead in a threatening position.

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