Google Glass Monthly Software Updates To Add Features, Apps, And More

If you're lucky enough to be rocking Google Glass you'll be happy to know that Google has announced at a Google Glass developer session on Friday that it will be updating the wearable technology on a monthly basis up until its commercial launch. This means that current users can expect new and exciting features, bug fixes, apps, and more each month.

The company made the announcement today at Google I/O while holding a Google Glass developer "fireside chat" with the Glass development team. Google isn't wasting any time in bringing apps and updates to Google Glass in a timely manner. It recently released an update to Google Glass users that added Google+ interactions, faster and easier search functions, the ability to accept incoming Hangout requests from friends, and more.

Google is taking the right approach in promising to deliver timely updates to Glass, because once consumers are able to finally purchase the device, there should already be tons of features and apps waiting for them. A platform is only as good as the apps and features it supports, and it looks like Google clearly wants a head start to ensure that Google Glass is a success.

During the "fireside chat", Senior Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan announced that "Google didn't have an updated timeline for the release of Glass (it previously said that it would be showing up for consumers next year) but did confirm that it had 'invited' all 2,000 Explorers who had pre-ordered at Google I/O last year to pick up their glass."

So, while we might have to wait longer than originally anticipated, you should take comfort in knowing that when Google Glass is ready for public consumption, it will already have gone through major software revisions to add features, address bugs, and create even more amazing apps, all thanks to Google's forward thinking.

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