The Pokémon Company Bans 7,651 Players For Having Modified Data In Pokémon Sun and Moon; New Global Mission Introduced

Today, the Pokémon community was shocked once again as the ban hammer from the Pokémon Company came swiftly and without prior notice. The wave of ban affected 7,651 Pokémon Sun and Moon accounts, which currently last indefinitely. Here's the full story.

Pokémon Sun and Moon : Huge Ban Wave

As posted on Serebii's Twitter account, the Pokémon Company has banned 7,651 accounts today; all which according to the announcement, contained edited saved data. As of the time of this writing, players are still baffled as to how the Pokémon Company scrutinize and accurately sanctioned their bans. A lot of players from the Pokémon Sun and Moon subreddit, guessed that the system filters all accounts that have "fishy" saved files (e.g. unreleased Z-Crystals). Some also think that by having 999 Master Ball, for example, is already considered "fishy" as it is almost impossible to obtain such value without exploiting the game - despite being totally legal.

Pokémon New Global Mission: Hatching A Lot of Eggs!

In other news, the Pokémon Company introduced the newest global mission: Hatching a lot of Eggs! The goal is to hatch at least 200,000 Pokémon Eggs during the time period which started on March 27 and will last until April 10. Once the goal is reached, all trainers will be rewarded with 2,000 Festival Coins while PGL members will earn 4,000. However, if the goal is not reached, players will only get 200 and 400 Festival Coins respectively.

There is also a bonus goal wherein, once 400,000 eggs have been hatched all PGL members will obtain a Love Ball. Furthermore, regardless if both goals are met, all PGL members who contributed to at least three hatches will earn five Rare Candies. Note that it is free to sign up for PGL membership. However, players can only sign up until the end of the event.

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