‘Dancing With The Stars’ Latest News: Charo Threatens To Walk Away For Unfair Scores, Treatment From Judges; Says “I’m Gonna Get You”

It appears that Charo is walking away from "Dancing With the Stars" if the judges won't give her good scores and fair treatment. The latest news about the show reveals that the fiery flamenco artist is quitting the show and is giving up her dreams to bring home the mirrorball trophy. She is really upset according to some reports.

Monday night's "Dancing With the Stars" had a surprising highlight when Charo went into a ballistic outburst. She became upset over what she called unfair scores and treatment she received from the judges. The latest news says Charo was particularly peeved at Bruno Tonioli. Her flare-up happened after she was almost eliminated after only two weeks of competing in the show. She was the last dancer that was saved.

Charo's possible elimination from "Dancing With the Stars" must have induced her to bring her complaints to the show's producers. She criticized Tonioli's accent saying that she doesn't even understand what he's talking about. There were three judges who gave her 6s, and the Italian judge is one of them. Charo was so infuriated by the judge that she blurted out: "I'm gonna get you!"

Some of the latest news even reported that Keo, her partner on "Dancing With the Stars", had to prevent her from stepping back into the ballroom. She reportedly wanted to beat Tonioli on the head with the paddle he's holding. She told the show's producers that she don't like the way they underscore her and that she felt badly that she threatened to quit.

However, it seems that the producers of "Dancing With the Stars" were able to pacify her. Apparently, she was persuaded not to quit the show. But the latest news says that her threat still stands unless the judges start giving her fair scores and fair treatment. Fans can watch Charo on the show which airs every Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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