Facebook Employees 'Honor The Fox' With FB Fox Page

Facebook employees are sharing their campus with a family of foxes that frolic about the Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters. They've somewhat adopted the foxes and have even created a Facebook page for the fuzzy little visitors called "FB Box".

The family of foxes consists of a mother, father and three babies and they've been around for the campus since last year. The family moved into a zen garden located between two of Facebook's buildings. It's believed that the family relocated to the campus so the mother could give birth to her babies under a deck in the zen garden.

Employees would often snap photos of the foxes when they spotted them on campus, so it only seemed rational to have the pictures gathered in one place. The page was created by a Facebook employee on April 23 with the intention of paying homage to the beautiful creatures.

"It seemed like everyone was posting their own fox photos and I wanted a place where we could share all the photos together and honor the fox," Facebook marketing employee, Alexis Smith told Wall Street Journal.

Facebook employees have submitted dozens images of the foxes for the FB fox page and many of them already earned thousands of Facebook "likes". CEO Mark Zuckerberg liked one of the photos, which boosted the page's popularity by the thousands. Last check the FB Fox page had 9,213 likes.

The FB Fox Facebook page features a collage of photos, videos and Instagram snapshots chronicling the Fox family's daily activities. So what do the foxes do all day? "They are usually snuggling - a lot of napping," Smith said.

Facebook's facility team is working with wildlife services to be certain that employees are protecting the foxes. Employees were reminded to respect the foxes and not to feed the family in late April, when the babies arrived. 

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