‘Dragon Ball Super' Updates: The Saiyan Princess And The Granddaughter of The Saiyan God

By Dez Bryant , Mar 30, 2017 05:20 AM EDT

The multiverse is currently searching for the 10 strongest fighters in their corresponding world. Goku already made some interesting moves and in the process and might spar with a rejuvenated Majin Buu.

Fans are now getting ready with the epic battle royale that is bound to happen. However, there are some storylines on “Dragon Ball Super” that fans are intrigued about. Some of those topic includes the debate on the strongest form of Goku. Second, will Vegeta exceed his limit like Goku? Lastly, will Bulla or Bra be like her father and become a powerful Saiyan Princess?

The Saiyan Princess Bulla

Although there are no confirmations yet from Akira Toriyama, there are plenty of theories from avid “Dragon Ball Super” contributors that it is likely a possibility in the incoming episodes. When Bulma gave birth to Bulla, it didn’t happen through a normal delivery. Whis created a “magic” to help Bulma in order for Vegeta to join the tournament. Bulla has the resemblance of Bulma. The question is, does she have the Saiyan identity of her father?

Pan The Super Saiyan?

According to a source, the DNA of Vegeta is automatically transferred to Bulla. When Vegeta and Bulma made Bulla, Vegeta was in his God Ki form. This theory is also similar to The Granddaughter of The Saiyan God, Pan. The daughter of Gohan is not an ordinary baby. Other fans might disagree especially when Pan was very ill and needed the help of Shenron. To measure the power of Pan, fans should revisit the previous episodes.

Pan has the capability to release an incredible power that is hard to grasp for some characters. There is already an ongoing debate in a Reddit thread on who is the strongest between the two. So far, Pan has shown a lot of potentials and due to the nature of being a baby, Pan doesn’t have any control yet on her ungodly powers.

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