Brangelina Split: Angelina Jolie And Tom Cruise Having Secret Romance? Brad Pitt And Sandra Bullock Already A Couple?

There are sets of rumors swirling around that are making things between ex-couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt more heated up. The two are being linked to other stars where Brad is rumored to have been secretly dating Sandra Bullock while Angelina is said to "hit on" Tom Cruise to get back at her former husband. The unfounded rumors though were debunked by sources close to the involved celebrities, basically assuring that Angelina and Brad are currently still off the dating radar.

Tabloids have been fast to spread the latest scoop about the Brangelina split where Angelina Jolie is accused of dating Tom Cruise while Brad Pitt is already in a relationship with Sandra Bullock. The rumors consecutively came out, making the talks look more like fabricated.

A recent report claimed that Brad began to secretly exchange messages and phone calls with Sandra Bullock. She supposedly dumped her photographer boyfriend Bryan Randall just so she can pursue the actor. To the surprise of everyone, their matchmaker was reportedly George Clooney who, in real life, is close with Brad.

Brad Pitt has not reacted to the rumors about him and Bullock but a source close to the actor reportedly just laughed off the claim. Also, it was found out that Bullock and Randall never separated recently and that they are in still in a good spot even after two long years of dating.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie has a more shocking rumor that is pounding her, claiming that she is changing her philosophies for Tom Cruise's Scientology so that she can get back at Brad Pitt. Publications started to share that the "Tomb Raider" actress went to see Cruise in his Scientology headquarters in England earlier this year. The two were said to discuss a project but eventually got intimate with each other.

Alleged sources claimed that Jolie is attracted to Cruise's masculinity, power and wild side, and loves the fact that he is different. The buzz also went on to reveal that Jolie chose Cruise to get back at Pitt as she reportedly knows that the two were never in good terms. Checking the legitimacy of the rumor, Brad and Tom did have a feud that started years ago following their "Interview with the Vampire" project.

However, Angelina allegedly polishing apples for Tom to provoke Brad seems so hard to believe for most fans who know the principles of the actress. Also, a source close to the alleged couple has debunked the false reports saying that they have not had any meetings together and that their relationship is not true.

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