Car Infotainment System With Artificial Intelligence: Cool Or Too Creepy?

Visteon Corporation, a Michigan-based company known to supply automotive electronics and climate control, recently released information about a car infotainment system it is developing, the Human Bayesian Intelligence Technology (HABIT) Cockpit Concept. This auto technology may transform a regular car into a very responsive machine that is not only dependent on its human owners.

The HABIT is a concept cockpit system that can help with such things as automatically adjusting the cabin's air temperature, remembering the driver's favorite radio stations, or suggesting alternative routes when it receives an update that there can be potential delays. These things are achieved by incorporating a form of artificial intelligence to improve the driving experience.

"The goal of HABIT is to become an experience that improves each time the driver uses the ever-aware system," explains Shadi Mere, Visteon's innovation manager.

"With vehicle manufacturers striving to deliver a more personalized driving experience, the HABIT cockpit concept demonstrates how your car can learn and grow with you over its lifetime," Mere adds.

The innovative infotainment system over time learns the driver's selection of radio stations, climate control options, phone call behaviors, among other driver tendencies while operating the vehicle.

The system does it by analyzing the habitual inputs of the driver so it can later on present an interaction between the machine and the human customized to the likings of the driver.

During a recent survey that focused about the HABIT, over 70 percent of subjects found the interaction with the HABIT concept quite positive. The testers loved how the technology anticipates the preferences of the driver. Respondents also liked the voice interaction and voice shortcuts. The voice commands go in line with the usual commands used for smartphones and other gadgets. The human-machine interaction in the cockpit is also enhanced by animation and graphics.

Visteon's HABIT sounds like a big brother concept. If that sounds a bit creepy, wait for the talking blonde guide on the demo video of this infotainment system concept below.

Visteon is also known for other high-end automotive technology concepts such as its e-Bee Vehicle, C-Beyond Concept, and X-Wave, among other interior and infotainment concepts.

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