‘One Piece' Chapter 861 Spoilers: Charlotte Family Gathers, Mother Caramel Revealed; No New Chapter Next Week

The latest chapter of “One Piece” has just been released and it as festive as it can get. Many important members of the Charlotte Family has been introduced. Meanwhile, Sanji and Pudding are both putting on an act to go through their respective plans during the wedding.

Mother Caramel Revealed; Charlotte Family Gathers

The tea party, which is also the wedding of Sanji Vinsmoke and Charlotte Pudding, is being held at the Whole Cake Chateu Roof. Aside from the emperors of the Underworld and other prominent guests, the place is swarmed with members of the feared Charlotte family. The eldest son and Minister of Candy Perospero, the eldest daughter and Minister of Fruits Compote, Katakuri, the 14th daughter Commander Smoothie, the third son Daifuki, and the fourth son Oven have attended the big event as revealed in "One Piece" Chapter 861. Vito, who is surveying the venue, is quite hesitant about the assassination plot after seeing all the powerful Charlotte family members that have shown up.

Even Mother Caramel, also known as Carmel, has been finally revealed. She is reportedly Big Mom’s only weakness and Luffy and Bege’s alliance are all depending on this. As Mother Caramel’s framed photo is placed beside Big Mom, one of the guests asked how they were related and Big Mom exploded into rage. The emperors had to show off their wedding presents to calm down Big Mom.

Alliance Kicks Off Assassination Plan; No New Chapter Next Week

While the Charlotte family and their wedding guests are having the time of their lives, Capone Bege is busy putting the assassination plot into place. Bege’s men have reported that they have completely isolated the rooftop by sealing all exits and even cutting off any means of communication with horned den-den mushi. Bege calls Caesar and they check on the status of the Straw Hats through the mirror.

The Straw Hats are fast asleep and Jinbe assures Bege that he will wake them up 10 minutes before the plan commences. One of the talking doors in the venue suspected Bege and Caesar were up to something but Bege’s men were quick to put her down. Meanwhile, Sanji and Charlotte Pudding are both putting on act as bride and groom so their plans won’t be revealed.

Pudding tries to entice Sanji with sweet words and the latter seems to be really into it, which infuriates Pudding deep inside. They are then called to the tea party to commence the wedding ceremony and the guests are celebrating that the world of villains will be stronger. Manga creator Eiichiro Oda has announced that the manga will be going on a hiatus next week and a new chapter will be released until further notice.

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