‘13 Reasons Why’ Review: Why Netflix's Series Is A Must-Watch

"13 Reasons Why," an addictive mystery, is based on the suicide of a girl and reasons behind it. There are 13 episodes that unfold the reasons one by one. Tom McCarthy, the director who made Oscar-winning movie "Spotlight," made this Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher's novel of the same name. The series will start streaming on Netflix this Friday. As each episode is one hour long, it'll take half a day for a binge-watcher to finish the entire series.

Hannah Baker, played by Katherine Langford, looks more confident than most others of her age at Liberty High. That is why the suicide of the 17-year-old leaves everybody stunned. The intriguing part is that she has left a number of cassette tapes, which take viewers to the reasons behind her suicide. The cassettes reach her friends, classmates, and bullies. Hannah tells them through the cassettes that they are somehow involved in her suicide.

The interesting drama is produced by a team of producers, which include Selena Gomez. The Netflix series also explains how different teenage is for boys and girls. "You probably think I'm taking it too seriously," Hannah says in one of the tapes. "Here's the thing. You've never been a girl." According to the Los Angeles Times, Hannah soon gets objectified for her body. "13 Reasons Why" focuses on a serious subject, but it never stops being fun to watch.

According to the New York Times, the Netflix series seems like a more serious form of "Twisted" or "Pretty Little Liars," in terms of style and tone. This is a kind of mystery of teenage life that adults can never be able to solve. According to ratings, "13 Reasons Why" may not be suitable for viewers under 17. If reports are to be believed, the Netflix series is a must-watch.

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