'The Boss Baby' Review: Filmmaker Took Sibling Rivalry To Extreme; Voice Cast Experienced Baby Factor Again

The latest animated film from DreamWorks Animation is "The Boss Baby," based on the children's book authored by Marla Frazee. The film stars Alec Baldwin as the title character, a baby in a business get-up.

A Must See Animated Movie?

"The Boss Baby" will test your edge for the idiosyncratic film. In the world of cartoon, nothing is too dreamlike: talking chipmunks? Unquestionable. How about those secret agent's guinea pigs? Add a baby who's in the cunning corporate suit, talks like a pie-charts and persistently working towards removal of the world of... pups. See, isn't that amazing?!

Tim (Miles Bakshi) was in shock as his evil baby brother (Alec Baldwin) fools their parents (Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow) into believing that he is an adorable addition to the family, while cleverly planning a takeover against the pet company that they work for. Puppies, baby's study shows, are taking over the world with their appeal and making babies outmoded.

To fight corporations right and left, Tim and "Boss Baby" - who still remains nameless - must put aside their dissimilarities and form a sibling oath to end Puppyco's reign. The film unlocks a hilarious montage that shows where babies come from: a factory with assembly lines and a lot more.

Acceptable Storytelling Movie

The script is mostly fresh, every so often infused with a dry wittiness that will tickle you alongside. There are lots of physical comedy, a lot of toilet humor and thankfully uncensored baby bums. The story turns into a cliché with an evil villain (Steve Buscemi) and a little boy with a savior friend. Towards the end of the film, there is some obvious emotional handling, but it isn't too inconvenient.

The animation is remarkable and augments the experience. Go for it, the narration isn't that strong to make you weep like a baby, but it will make you giggle like one.

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