The Next Pokemon GO Event Might Be Just Around The Corner

Following the success of the Water Festival, Pokémon GO might be getting another event in a few weeks. Accordingly, should the mobile game bring in other similar events in the future?<

New Pokémon GO Event On The Way?

According to Express, the Water Festival event has successfully come to an end with players getting to keep their shiny Pokémon. With this in mind, Niantic has yet to share any further details about any new events but the introduction of shiny monsters is a great way to keep fans engaged in the game. Further events can introduce more shiny Pokémon which would give it some form of exclusivity that fans can only get by actually playing the game.

As players know, the next major event would be Easter Sunday, which officially begins on April 16. It seems likely that Niantic would make an event on this day rather than April Fools as it would coincide too closely with the Water Festival. A two-week interval would make more sense and will give Niantic the time they need to plan for the event.

While nothing has been confirmed, it would be likely that Niantic would do something egg-related. Could there be a chance for eggs to spawn golden monsters in the future?

Potential For A Grass And Fire Event

In line with the previous festival, Forbes reports that Niantic should also make a grass and fire event in the future as well. The basic principle in every mainline series game is that players can choose among three different types: water, fire and grass. This practice was present with Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle down to Popplio, Rowlett and Litten.

A fire and grass event would pay homage to the said practice and would also be a great way for players to pass the time. All Niantic would need to do is increase the spawn rate of each respective type while including more shiny Pokémon. For now, fans will just have to wait for Pokémon GO news and events.

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