NBA MVP Race: Russell Westbrook or James Harden? Here Are The Numbers

The NBA Playoffs is just around the corner and each team is making some late push to secure a spot in the offseason. Two players are also having a personal battle as the MVP race is getting tighter each day.

Westbrook Is A Beast

For those who are bashing and counting out Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook is completely delusional. The explosive point guard of the run and gun OKC Thunder have been posting some monstrous numbers as of late. Russell Westbrook is often called as a ball hog due to some of his shot selection. However, basing on the numbers alone, Westbrook is not really a ball hog. The multiple All-Star just recorded its 37th triple-double this season and his assist-turnover ratio is getting better.

The last three games, Westbrook showed why his bid for MVP honors is still alive. Westbrook averaged 31.8 PPG (42.5% FG ), 10.6 RPG and 10.4 APG. Surprisingly, Westbrooks defensive rating has gone up as well. The only stat that declined is his turnover which is actually a good thing.

The Beard Is Still On The Rise

On the other hand, The Beard, James Harden of the Houston Rockets is making some progress at both ends of the floor. His numbers is somehow identical with Russell Westbrook except in the rebounding area and the steals part. The major advantage of James Harden being named as the MVP over Westbrook is the team standings. The Houston Rockets are currently 3rd place in the Western Conference with a total of 51 wins, while the Oklahoma City Thunder has only 43.

Both teams are explosive but entirely different. Westbrook is a lone star and one of the oldest in the team. For Harden, he has plenty of veterans and a role player that he can count on if he has a problem finding his shots.

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