Find Out What Are The Best Weapons In Mass Effect Andromeda

If players want to kill their enemies effectively and more efficiently in Mass Effect Andromeda, then they need to use the best weapons available to will help them do that. This way, players can have the upper hand when facing various enemies in the game, which is a lot actually.

Best Assault Rifles And Shotguns In Mass Effect Andromeda

There are three rifles that are considered the best in Mass Effect Andromeda. The first one is M-8 Avenger, which is the most accurate among the assault rifles category. In addition, players have incorporated mods in it; it can be the deadliest weapon they can use.

If they want to make sure that there is enough damage done, they can use N7 Valykrie. Even if it is heavier than Mattock, its fire rate and accuracy is exceptional not to mention its clip size of 16. If the players want to imitate the power of Sweeper, they can always apply mod to N7 Valkyrie, according to VG427.

The best shotgun to use immediately is N7 Crusader. It is most helpful when they want to kill their enemies quickly and move on. However, if they want to leave a great damage to their opponents, they can always use Dhan.

Other Weapons To Consider In Mass Effect Andromeda

Since some enemies use shields, the best weapons to destroy them are the Equalizer and N7 Hurricane. There are pistols in Mass Effect Andromeda also. They can use Scorpion that fires sticky grenades and it is one of the powerful in its category.

If they love melee weapons, they can always use them. As per Windows Central, they can choose the Asari Sword that can give them biotic powers while using it. Even if it might be slow, Krogan Hammer has a strong impact that can create serious damage.

They can always carry extra weapons like Sidewinder and Razerad. The former has great accuracy and is more powerful than any SMG in the game. The latter is a lightweight gun but it will increase its fire rate once the trigger has been hold down.

It is best to know every weapon in Mass Effect Andromeda. Sometimes, it will always depend on their abilities and skills to find out if the gun or sword will be most suitable for them. However, once they have figured it out, defeating anyone in the game should now come easy.

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