Diablo 3 News And Update: What Players Need To Know About Season 10

After opening a new season in Overwatch, Blizzard has finally launched season 10 in Diablo 3. It is also the first time that seasons will be available for all platforms, so more players are given the chance to experience how exciting it is to participate.

Diablo 3's season 10 has officially began last March 31 at exactly 5:00 P.M. However, since there are different timezones, it did not started at the same time. Some may get to experience earlier than the others.

For the first timers, meaning the users of PS4 and XB1, who might be puzzled on how seasons work in Diablo 3 here a quick guide on how to get started on these seasons. First is to never forget that they can create their own characters that will not be excluded from non-seasonal characters they will be using. According to Express, every new player will start from scratch since it is his or her first time to join in Diablo 3's season play. They need not worry because all the items and challenges will still be accessible for their non-seasonal creations.

Once they have their own characters, they can now move on to completing chapters two, three and four. When they are done, they will be receiving three Haedrig's Gifts. They must know that they can always unlock one sets change in every season in Diablo 3.  

For the Barbarian, they can get Legacy of Raekor. Crusader class will earn Armor of Akkhan. Monks can get Inna's Mantra and Demon Hunters can obtain Embodiment of the Marauder. For the Witch Doctor, they can grab Zunimassa's Hunt and finally, the Wizard can get Delsere's Magnum Ops.

Everything they have acquired will be available for their characters. The rewards that they earned during the season will be collected for 30 days. They will be sent in the mailboxes in any townhub but it will only be for their non-seasonal characters.

Finally, Blizzard has made every season of Diablo 3 available for all the players who uses PS4 and XB1. Hopefully, they can fully enjoy and grasp the mechanics of season 10 in order not to be left out. One thing is for sure, it will make their gaming experience worthwhile.

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