Google Maps Lets Everyone Play Ms. Pac-Man As April Fools Joke; Here's How

Google is celebrating April Fools the way the company's always been known for; with interactive features and fun Easter eggs. They are honoring April Fools ' Day by turning Google Maps into a fun-filled and exciting Ms. Pac-Man game. Two years ago, it did the same thing but with Pac-Man himself as the main cherry gobbler.

How To Play Ms. Pac-Man In Google Maps

Ms. Pac-Man can be played in Google Maps either from the software on any mobile device or a browser from any PC. Simply open the software or Google Maps in the browser then click "Insert Coin." The map will then be turned into a round of Ms. Pac-Man.

The game will choose the area the player lives by default but they can drag the map around before starting the game to search for a better area. The streets will basically be turned into the game itself where Ms. Pac-Man needs to gobble up as much dots as she can while avoiding Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Sue or generally known as the ghosts. For a better game experience, it is suggested to look around and find the best place in Google Maps to turn into a Ms. Pac-Man's game.

Top Places To Play Ms. Pac-Man In Google Maps

Everyone wants to play Ms. Pac-Man on their screens or mobile phones but sometimes they may hate the area they choose. There are top places to play Google Maps' Ms. Pac-Man however, and they offer a lot more streets for better mobility. Simply search the area on Google Maps, drag the map around to adjust then start the game.

Pac-Man players who played the game back in 2015 preferred playing in cities because of the number of streets and roads. For a chaotic and confusing map, there is Boston MA. If the player loves roundabouts and a lot of circular action, go to Washington D.C. Of course, those who would love a lot of roads to work with but a lot less confusing than Boston can go to Tokyo, Japan. Being able to play Ms. Pac-Man in any of these cities in Google Maps is fun in itself.

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