Tech Pranks The World: The Best Of April Fool's Day 2017

It's that wonderful time of the year when you shouldn't believe everything you see or read on the internet not because of "alternative facts" but because it's the day when everyone, including tech industry people, plays jokes on everyone else. April Fool's Day is a sort of release for the greatest minds in technology and marketing. It allows them to use their creative and probably stressed out minds to make up funny stories, gags and faus pax products to prank their customers. Here are the best ones for 2017.

First off, Google is bringing back its popular prank from 2015. Users looking for directions or a certain location on Google Maps will be treated to some ghost-chasing and power pellet-eating with a game of Mrs. Pac-Man. Tap on the pink Mrs. Pac-Man icon on the app or the Insert Coin box on the website to start playing Mrs. Pac-Man over some random place.

Comedian Will Arnett is in his element as he provides commentary to a live video showing a printer in a semi-dark office. Arnett blurts out that, "Nobody looks good in this lighting. Well, maybe Ashton Kutcher." Arnett's hilarious commentary on mundane stuff is featured on Netflix Live, according to The Next Web.

Digital assistants now allow people to "talk" to their cars. DriverFinder by CarGurus allows its cars to talk to people to get a better feel of their potential owners. This prank is a reversal of roles as CarGuru normally lets the buyers interview the sellers about the car.

The T-Mobile ONEsie is "the world's first full-body wearable". The $40 screaming hot pink ONEsie makes one a Human HotSpot. The Bluetooth-enabled ONEsie tracks the whole body's vitals and provides unlimited coverage thanks to the 4G LTE NanoFibers in the wearable's thread.

Finally, the last prank is something that Android Central wondered why it's not an actual thing. The Google Gnome is the outdoor version of the Google Home. It looks similar to the regular garden gnome with its pointy hat-like tip and a red, blue, black and white ensemble. However, the Google Gnome lacks a face, arms and legs, and can talk. The smart device is great company while out in the yard though owners need to keep the dog away as the Gnome tickles easy.

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