Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: How To Find Commander Shepard’s N7 Armor And Complete Pathfinder Set

Players who are disappointed with Mass Effect Andromeda may find that nods and Easter eggs to the original trilogy may oftentimes become its redeeming feature. In this case, nostalgia is a two-way street as players are bombarded with references from the original trilogy. Good news for those who played Commander Shepard, his iconic N7 armor is available in Mass Effect: Andromeda as a secret unlock and here's how to get it.

Mass Effect Andromeda How To Get N7 Pathfinder Armor

Commander Shepard's iconic N7 armor is not the only N7 armor in the game as the Pathfinder can also obtain a unique N7 armor of their own. This is slightly easier to obtain than the original N7 armor worn by Commander Shepard, a secret unlockable in Mass Effect Andromeda. To get the Pathfinder N7 armor, the first step is heading over to the Research and Development wing of the Tempest.

Players will be able to craft each piece from the R&D terminal with enough Iron, Cadmium, Omni-gel canisters and the hard to find Platinum. They can be found on some planets in the Faroang and Nol systems if anyone's up for searching. The full set is also available to buy from a vendor on the Nexus but it will cost a lot of money. Thankfully, here's a guide on how to make five million credits in a minute.

Mass Effect Andromeda How To Get Commander Shepard's N7 Armor

To get the original Commander Shepard N7 Armor is a bit more difficult. The N7 armor will appear under the Milky Way galaxy research tab, and if it's not there, the Pathfinder needs to do more scanning, side-quests and recon work. Unlocking the basic set will cost 250 Milky Way research points and more Omni-gel, Cadmium, Iridium and Platinum to make the classic armor. Not to mention, upgrading it to the highest level possible will cost more Milky Way research points in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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