Could Destiny 2 Make Its Way To The Nintendo Switch?

Many fans and critics alike are looking forward to the recently announced Destiny 2. While the finer details are still unclear, could the game possibly make its way to the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo's hybrid console has been getting a lot of attention since its release and many fans have been wondering if modern triple-A titles could run on the system. However, it seems like Nintendo fans might be out of luck as the Destiny sequel is said to be too powerful for the hybrid console, as per Mic. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are more powerful than the Switch and it seems like the sequel will be making full use out of both system's specs.

In line with this, Nintendo Everything shares that Capcom even had to request more RAM for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo argued that the current amount back then was enough but Capcom ultimately insisted they added more. The gaming studio wanted to run their new RE Engine on the console and adding more RAM was one way to make it work.

Another issue would be internet connection as the first game heavily relied on Wi-Fi hot spotting. The hybrid console is known for its portability features and some players might find it difficult playing the sequel outside of their house. With this in mind, it would not seem like Destiny 2 would be a popular game for Nintendo's hybrid console.

It is also worth noting that publisher Activision, has not been showing a solid support for Nintendo's various consoles. While they did bring over Call of Duty: Ghosts to the Wii U, they have yet to share if it will make its way over to the hybrid console.

The Nintendo Switch might not be able to run most triple A titles like Destiny 2 but it still has its own expanding library that will more than compensate for it. The hybrid console is now available for purchase in the nearest retailer store.

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