Battlefield 1 News: Premium Friends And Daily Scrap Will Be Permanent, Details Here

Even if Battlefest has already ended in Battlefield 1, the two new features, Premium Friends and Daily Scrap Rewards will still be present in the game. In addition, DICE is also trying to change things in the game by adding more features

Premium Friends Is Now Part Of Battlefield 1

When DICE introduced Premium Friends during the course of the recent Battlefest, players got the chance to play in the new maps that are part of They Shall Not Pass DLC. According to PVP Live, those non-premium pass owners can still enjoy joining several parties because it will be a permanent thing.

However, there are restrictions once they have joined the party. First, only premium holders will be the one to earn experience points all throughout the game. Second, the non-premium owners cannot use the new weapons and vehicles that are part of They Shall Not Pass DLC, as per IBTimes.

Lastly, only premium pass owners of Battlefield 1 can track their progress with medals and Codices. So, even if players can still join the party, their efforts will be thrown away because they will not be rewarded accordingly.

Daily Scrap Rewards Will Make Battlefield 1 More Enjoyable

Not only will Premium Friends be a permanent thing in Battlefield 1 after Battlefest. Daily Scrap Rewards will still be granting players 100 scraps everyday, although their rewards will depend on what type of battle they have finished.

If they have completed a round, they will be granted 50 scraps. They can review it on the End of Round screen after they finished the first round. Once they have won in another round, 25 scraps will be granted. Lastly, 25 scraps will be rewarded if they will be part of the highlights of a certain round.

Adding Premium Friends in Battlefield 1 has pros and cons for anyone who does not own a premium pass. However, if they want to be save money and waste their efforts, they can join in the parties. The only good news is that Daily Scrap Rewards will help players earn what they need.

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