Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Players Are Losing It When Champions Restore Their Abilities

Zelda: Breath of the Wild introduces four Champion abilities that can help Link in combat and exploration after completing the main dungeons in the game. However, fans are beginning to lose it when the game announces that the respective ability is ready.

The four champions in the latest Zelda game will bestow Link their special ability after he frees them from Ganon's clutches. These certain skills are extremely useful as it can help traverse Hyrule much easier to save him in the heat of battle. There is a total of four abilities with each of them referencing the respective champion: Mipha's Grace, Daruk's Protection, Revali's Gale and Urbosa's Fury.

All abilities in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, save for Mipha's Grace that is only used once per charge, can be used three times before they must recharge. When the ability is finally ready, each Champion will inform Link by announcing it. While this is a great way to inform fans, it also frightens players for its sudden announcement.

Redditor PhillySportPhan perfectly captured the experience of being caught off guard by posting a surprised GIF. The post has received well over 500 upvotes with other netizens sharing similar experiences. Other Redditors advised that players can simply turn off the Champion abilities instead of wasting it to avoid being surprised.

Players should be able to accumulate all four Champion abilities by the end of the game if they choose to tackle all four Divine Beasts. According to Mic, players should try tackling Vah Ruta first as it is the closest one near Kakariko Village and the dungeon is not too difficult. Here, players will earn Mipha's Grace wherein they will restore their hearts and earn a few more once they die in battle.

Following this, players are free to follow any other dungeon, as they all seem to be spread out equally. To those who want to experience the adventure can play Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch.

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