Persona 5 Steelbook Edition Has A Special Effect Alluding To The Game

The Persona 5 Steelbook edition comes with a unique feature that reflects a central theme in the game's plot. To do the trick, players must take a picture of the case with the flash on.

Persona 5 Steelbook Edition Comes With A Unique Feature

Redditor seyit91 uploaded this special case on the internet while divulging a special piece of information. If fans use the flash function of their camera, it will cast a shadow over the characters' faces. While this might not seem like much, Persona players know that shadows play a vital role in the franchise.

Shadows are the manifestation of mostly negative human emotions and serve as the primary enemies in some of the installments. Strong-willed shadows usually attract their lesser kind, which make them into more powerful creatures. Similarly, most of the cast have their own inner shadows, which represent their "true selves" which they often hide from society.

On the other hand, if the characters can accept the shadows as part of themselves, they will awaken their power known as the Persona. However, those who continue to deny their shadows will attack and ultimately kill their human counterpart. The upcoming Persona game continues this trend while making literal use of the franchise's name.

Making The Most Out Of Time

Similarly, The Verge reports that the game makes use of the previous mechanics each installment has. The calendar system makes its return from 3 and 4 while the conversation mechanic returns from 1 and 2. The fifth installment combines the best of both worlds while providing its own sense of style and features that make it shine from its predecessors.

Unlike most RPGs nowadays that promote free exploration while ignoring the main question, the upcoming game is the complete opposite. Here, players must learn to make the most of their time and prioritize what is important to them.

Persona 5 still proves that turn-based combat and traditional role-playing games can still be a major genre in 2017. Fans can buy the base game or the Steelbook edition on April 4.

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