LG Style Smartwatch Combines Chic Sophistication And Functional Wearability

If you love wearing smartwatches, the LG Watch Style will blow your mind with its slim appearance and sophisticated touches. It effortlessly combines fashion and functionality way better than most smartwatches. However, it has to sacrifice some important features, like its battery life, which gives you only 1 to 2 days of use before you have to plug it in for a recharge.

Nonetheless, its attractive and lightweight appearance effortlessly could make you look chic without trying too hard. Weighing only 1.6 ounces, it can be easily worn anywhere unlike most of its competition. You can also conveniently go near any bodies of water without worrying on getting it wet since it's slim and easy to wear.

LG's Style smartwatch sophisticated design embodies the sort of minimalist chic you can usually find on the wrist of clean-cut professionals. It does not exactly look trendy, but it exudes classic sophistication. According to PC Mag, it also has capable notification hub equipped with some Android Wear apps but lacks a sense of intuitive capability inherent in an Apple Watch.

Also, it does not have the cutting edge capability as a fitness tracker. However, it makes up for it in its new Android Wear 2.0. This software is a huge improvement from the original version of Android Wear, showing how fast smartwatch software has developed. According to Fox31 Denver, it makes interacting with notifications and other apps unusually easy, allowing you to swipe text messages away or quickly reply.

The new and improved software on LG's Style smartwatch also allows the use of Google Assistant to do quick searches or send quick messages on demand. The only other downside, aside from a short battery life, is that the default strap isn't made from quality leather, which feels more like styrofoam and starts to crinkle after just a few days of wear. Sure, it is the slimmest smartwatch yet, but given its price tag of $249, the disappointing strap probably does not deserve it to be called "Style."

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