Studio Wildcard Responds To Flyer Nerf Outrage In Ark: Survival Evolved

Like any other games, changes come to Ark: Survival Evolved with every update. It goes from new structures to new kinds of beasts to new features and whatnots -- the list just goes on and on. Unfortunately for Studio Wildcard, nerfing flyers in the game isn't a good idea at all. Most players were disappointed, thinking that it only ruined the game completely.

One of the studio's developers by the name of Jen responded to this Ark: Survival Evolved flyer nerf outrage on the game's official Steam forums. She points out that people are simply frustrated, as they think that the video game company did not make the right decision. That, in one way or another, the developers truly understand why such situation had to happen.

Jen also reassures the whole Ark: Survival Evolved community that every thought or idea is being heard. Studio Wildcard is considering even those complaints and critique. Nonetheless, she confirms that "the flyer nerf will stay" and won't be the same as they were before. That doing so is something the studio wants simply for the purpose of giving what's best for the game.

The aforementioned Ark: Survival Evolved community moderator explains that their love for Ark: Survival Evolved is what leads them to think and do things out of the ordinary. That this is why they strive to go for the extra miles, trying to make significant changes to the game. Lastly, she iterates that such changes are there to fill in the missing puzzle piece, which will help them pave the way towards the final release of the game.

It is worth noting that this has been the primary goal of the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved since last year. They have always wanted to water down the strength and/or power of tamed beasts, as reported by Express. Lots of changes happened, such as decreased quetz per-level hp. Add to this a three-second cooldown to the so-called Ptera barrel roll.

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