The New iMac And MacBook Pro May Not See The Light Of Day in 2017

After initial reports that Apple's next laptop and desktop are coming in 2017, here comes a new round of rumors that says otherwise. According to the new buzz, the highly-anticipated new versions of the iMac and Macbook Pro will most likely be introduced in 2018.

The cause of the further delay is Intel's Cannon Lake processor. According to Apple Insider, Intel will possibly release its new 10 nanometer processors later than expected. This assumption was made after Venkata Renduchintala, Intel's president of PC, Internet of Things, and chip design hinted that the said processor has encountered some development issues and its production will likely be delayed. Renduchintala stressed that it was difficult to pinpoint a particular date when the first shipment of the new 10nm processors will take place. The Intel executive also mentioned that the Cannon Lake processor can either come before 2017 ends or even at the start of next year. Renduchintala also said that the company is not having any anxiety attacks over the delay in production. His belief is strong that Intel will eventually push through with the processor's release.

Unfortunately for Apple and its fans, this development will affect the production of the iMac and MacBook Pro. The two Apple products are expected to utilize the Cannon Lake processors though there were recent rumors saying the tech giant is leaning on using AMD's new Ryzen processors instead.

According to PC World, Apple and other computer manufacturers require some time to test the processors on their devices before they are officially unveiled and released. According to reports, mass production of the Cannon Lake processors will now commence sometime during the second half of 2017. This basically means the delay in the Cannon Lake chip's release will most likely push the release of the iMac and MacBook Pro to next year.

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