Overwatch News And Update: What We Know So Far About King's Row Uprising Event

It is now official that Blizzard will be holding another event in Overwatch, which will include another playable element and King's Row Uprising. It has also been noted that the developer is determined to make the event more successful compared to Junkenstein event last Halloween.

What Players Want, They Will Get In Overwatch

The players have requested that it will be better if they can experience a different set-up when an event is happening in Overwatch. Since Blizzard does not want to disappoint its players, they will see a new feature called robotics omnics.

Blizzard wants the players to know and to explore the past of Overwatch and it is the reason why the developer is holding another event. It will revolve around the relationship of omnics and humans. With this, players will be able to understand how it all began.

According to PCGamesN, the event will start on April 11. However, Blizzard has not yet announced as to when the King's Row Uprising event will end. For now, players may have to wait for the developer to release new details soon.

New Cosmetics For Widowmaker

Together with the start of King's Row Uprising event in Overwatch, one of the beloved heroes, Widowmaker, will be getting new skin. As per PVP Live, Jeff Kaplan, director, revealed that the legendary skin set will make players very happy.

It was just last year when Blizzard released an event-themed skin for Widowmaker. However, the developer has not yet revealed what the skin will look like. Players are told to wait until the image is released for the new cosmetics on one of their favorite heroes in Overwatch.

Blizzard is determined to make Overwatch more exciting and more fun. Hopefully, the King's Row Uprising event will bring rewards that players will surely love and will help them as they continue playing one of the best RPGs today.

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