Overwatch's 25th Hero Might Not Be Under The Defense Role, Says Jeff Kaplan

Game director, Jeff Kalan, shares more information about Overwatch and the 25th hero during the recent BAFTA Video Game Awards. Meanwhile, the first-person shooter was originally supposed to bring in a feline fighter to the fray.

Jeff Kaplan Sheds Light On The 25th Hero

During the mentioned awards ceremony, Kaplan sat down for an interview with IBTimes to talk about the upcoming hero in the first-person shooter. To begin with, the developer is already sure about who the upcoming playable hero is as it is already far along in development. Moreover, the team is already at the point of making an official art as well as "aggressive play-testing."

The team already has a good grasp on the character, its abilities and how it should all work. However, Kaplan mentioned that all succeeding heroes are still in the prototype phase. Incidentally, seeing as how the defense role is the only position without a new hero, one could easily assume that the next playable character would fall under that category. In spite of this, the developer noted that it is "not safe to assume" that the playable hero will fall under that category.

With this in mind, it seems like the next hero might be making its way to the game sooner than most players thought. If the situation aligns itself with the previous heroes, there might be a chance that the next character will arrive around mid to late summer or so.

Overwatch Once Had A Cat Character

That aside, PCGamesN reports another interview with Kaplan where he spoke about the scrapped idea for a feline fighter. The team loved the idea of the cat character who was supposedly sporting a jetpack. While that specific idea helped define what the game is today, Blizzard ultimately decided that the idea was going too far.

Unfortunately, Kaplan noted that they have no plans of bringing it back as he himself could not imagine the paws in first-person action. Nonetheless, fans can still look forward to the upcoming 25th hero that may or may not be the highly anticipated Doomfist. Those who want to join in on the action can play Overwatch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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