Microsoft Is Dead Serious About This Xbox Scorpio Big Reveal

Microsoft is dead serious about announcing its Xbox Scorpio big revelation this week. Together with Digital Foundry, the tech and games giant dispelled rumors that were swirling around yesterday and finally confirming that there could be some powerful new details to be unveiled about its latest product. People already have some incredible theories about the machine speculated to bring the limelight back to the company.

Reeling from the miserable performance of its products, the computer and games company is itching to finally give out some pretty impressive features of its latest offering. Needless to say, the big announcement will prove to be a big moment for the company as it tries to get out from the shadow of the dismal performance of both the PS4 and Xbox One.

In its Twitter post recently, Microsoft posted that there will be an exclusive Xbox Scorpio big reveal on Digital Foundry's Eurogamer website this Thursday. To clarify, Digital Foundry's Eurogamer tackles the technical and long-winded process of how graphics work across consoles and PC. According to the Forbes, it's the place to go to if you want an in-depth perspective of other user's review of new PC hardware where they compare graphics and performance across platforms.

In the meantime, any information of the latest Xbox's specs and design are all based on what little details the rumors have spun. Known as Project Scorpio, the latest game machine will include a compact design, alongside an integrated power supply unit. According to The Verge, fans can wait until Thursday when they can most likely get a glimpse of the console's design.

Microsoft is also likely to reveal Xbox Scorpio's final name by then. Information on whether Microsoft is using AMD’s latest Ryzen processors is also likely to be revealed on Thursday. The company appears to be ready to unveil its latest product's specifications as it gave the announcement ahead of its scheduled press event.

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