Overwatch Update: Cheat Maker Ordered To Pay $8.5 Million To Blizzard

The final judgment against a German-based cheat making company has been decided for Blizzard Entertainment. The company is known for making cheats on several games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft and many others. The cheat maker known as Bossland GMBH has also been ordered by the federal court of California to pay Blizzard Entertainment for the damages.

According to Polygon, Bossland would pay a total of $8.5 million for creating and reselling the code. As reported earlier this month, the company's motion to dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction was denied by the court. Blizzard explained that Bossland has bypassed its anti-cheat protection, reformed its games without proper authorization and made money out of its codes. It was reported that the accounted money totals for 42,818 counts of copyright infringement.

Blizzard Entertainment has filed the lawsuit after Bossland developed and marketed its cheat tool for Overwatch back in July. Previously, the publisher also filed a case against the same company for creating tons of Heroes of the Storm cheat. However, Blizzard lost the case and was ordered to pay the legal fees to Bossland.

Reports from sources said that the CEO of Bossland was elected not to defend the case in the United States but rather contest the ruling once it was entered. A blog post also mentioned that Bossland would also contest the earlier decision against its motion to dismiss the case.

Bossland is now restricted to sell any of its cheat tool in connection to Blizzard's game titles within the U.S. Meanwhile, the financial reward was granted to Blizzard, which includes the court costs and its attorney's fees.

The publisher also claimed that Bossland's cheat tool was not only an authorized modification to its IP but also damaged the company's business by introducing unfair competition to games. It significantly affects the game experiences of legit players and caused others losing motivation to play.

In Bossland's defense, some pages from other bots said that Botting is not against any law. There might be a point to that, but as for Blizzard, they have actively banned massive wave of players who used cheats in the game.


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