'Pokemon I Choose You' Is Pokemon's 20th Year Anniversary Movie Offering; Details Inside

For a significant number of fans who grew up watching Pokemon, it's recently celebrated 20th anniversary might seem nostalgic. While Ash hasn't seemed to have aged a bit during the last 20 years, it is undeniable that he has already collected a lot of memories during his exciting adventures through the Pokemon world. That said, Pokemon is set to reveal its latest movie offering that will be premiere in Japan on July 25.

According to MStars News, apart from the movie, a special-edition Pikachu hat has been the go-to event of Niantic for quite some time. This includes the recent "Pokémon GO" events that are being celebrated with a Santa hat Pikachu and a party hat Pikachu. With the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, Japan is also said to be celebrating it with special edition Pikachu, this time wearing hats based from Ash of the Pokémon TV series.

'Pokemon I Choose You'

Meanwhile, as per Twinfinite, entitled as "Pokemon I Choose You" the 20th Pokemon movie is also the 20th-anniversary offering of Pokemon. The upcoming movie has already been announced way back in December where it was revealed that it will be set in Pallet Town. The film will allegedly take its viewers back to Ash's roots to show more back-story on his first few days as a Pokemon trainer. As of press time, The Pokemon Company has already released a new trailer for the summer flick, showing that Ash and Pikachu not getting along at all.

Additionally, the company has also claimed that the re-telling of the first episodes of the renowned anime series reportedly looks glorious and cinematic while also keeping true to the show's main roots. However, while its Japan release date has already been determined, a Western release date is yet to be announced.


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