‘One Punch Man’: Saitama Meets His Match In Chapter 108 To 114; Bald Hero Defeated By One Kick?

Fans who are waiting for the latest news about "One Punch Man" Season 2 anime series might find it interesting to know that the manga version recently revealed how Saitama was defeated by an opponent with a single kick.

Saitama And Suiryu Faced Each Other In the Championship Match

In "One Punch Man" chapter 108 to 114 of the manga version, Saitama has won his semi-finals match against Choze, a member of the Monster Association who beats his opponents to the verge of death. The other semi-finals match was between Suiryu, a member of the Rank S heroes who defeats his opponents by just one kick, and Volten, a member of the Monster Association who overcomes his opponents with rhythmic barrages of punches and kicks.

Suiryu was able to beat Volten, so he and Saitama will face each other in the championship round. Incidentally, Saitama is wearing a hair piece over his bald head and is also called Charanko in the manga version of "One Punch Man". The spectators in the arena were expecting a good fight between a fighter with one punch power against a fighter with one kick ability.

Saitama Was Able To Take All Of Suiryu's Kicks And Punches

Saitama was surprisingly cool while the fight is going on knowing that Suiryu is doing it for fun and money. At one time during the fight, Suiryu unleashed all his powers against Saitama, but the bald hero was still standing. Saitama was also able to unleash his powerful one punch but stopped short of hitting his opponent in the face. Suiryu was angered by the fact that Saitama seems to be taking him lightly. With all the kicks and punches Suiryu has unleashed, Saitama is still standing.

Suiryu Won The Match By A Technicality

Finally, Suiryu landed a devastating kick in Saitama's face, causing the latter's hair piece to fly away. The audience thought that Saitama's head was blown off. When the judges realized that Saitama is wearing a hairpiece, they disqualified him outright because wearing a head gear in the tournament is not allowed.

Despite the insistence of the audience for the fight to continue, the judges stopped the match and awarded Suiryu the first price and the championship belt. Therefore, technically, Saitama was defeated by Suiryu in Chapter 108 to 114 of "One Punch Man." But he proved that he can take tremendous kicks and punches without going down.

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