Best iPhone 8 Concept By Far Gives The Apple Smartphone A Complete Makeover

One of the fun parts of waiting for a device to launch is the many concepts that designers come up with. The highly-anticipated iPhone 8 is no different. The industry has seen concept after concept with the new one slightly looking better than the last one. This time, a concept made by a well-known graphic designer is being touted as the best one by far.

The latest iPhone 8 concept was created by Martin Hajek and published on the German blog "Computer Bild". It is mostly based on the upcoming smartphone's most interesting and innovative rumored features as related by Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst who is considered the foremost source of everything Apple. Hajek also looked back at the flagship smartphone's past to come up with his avant-garde tribute to the game-changing device. In fact, the German's iPhone 8 concept is a complete redesign with a nod to the first-generation Apple iPhone.

The first thing one would notice about the new concept is its screen. A popular rumor is that the 10th anniversary iPhone will have stainless steel chassis and a glass design. As BGR noted, the concept has a glass display which occupies most of the device's front while the sides are circled with stainless steel. As rumors go, the next-generation iPhone will sport an OLED display which will be supplied by Samsung. Also noticeable is the absence of the iconic physical home button. In its place is a virtual home button visible on the lower part of the display.

The back of the concept iPhone, which is also made of glass to allow wireless charging, is mostly silver gray with a black strip on the lower side and the apple logo on the middle. This is Hajek's tribute to the original iPhone which sported the same look.

Not seen in the new iPhone 8 concept are some of the exciting features and specifications that the rumor mill has been spewing out for quite some time now. The latest news, according to Trusted Reviews, is that the iPhone 8 will feature a True Color screen previously utilized on the iPad Pro. Also among the prominent iPhone 8 rumors include a 3D front-facing camera, a dedicated function area similar to the Touch Bar, and possible AR and VR support.

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